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Boarding Prices

With 3x Week Turnout

With 1/2 hr Lessons

With Hour/Combo Lessons






















12' x 24' partial shade pipe stall 

24' x 24' partial shade stud pen (2 available)

12' x 18' full shade pipe stall

12'x24'/24'x24' half shade mare motel pipe stall

24' x 24' half shade enclosed mare motel stall

24' x 24' full shade enclosed mare motel stall 

12' x 12' wood barn stall 

12' x  12' wood barn stall and 24' pipe run












Board Only

Daily board day/night                                                                  $45

3 horse group pasture with shelter                                         $465-$495

2 horse group pasture with shelter                                               $505   

Private grass pasture with shelter                                            $555-$695

Please note:

  • Each pasture has rotation pasture, rotated every 4-6 weeks.

  • Seasonal boarders Oct-May add $75/ month.

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