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Italian custom saddles based on cutting-edge ideas, craftsmanship and love for horses.

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We are home to the Southern California rep and saddle fitter of Prestige Italia custom saddles. Call Gabby Franklin to set up a fitting (760) 898-5254

Prestige believes that a perfect fit is a thing of beauty.

This led us to develop an innovative system to precisely measure the horse’s back. The “withersmeter” is a flexible measuring tool designed to adapt to the curves of the horse’s back. This instrument allows the user to correctly transfer the unique shape of the horse onto paper to use in selecting the correct tree size. Additionally, a special level is used to determine specific panels for each saddle. Variations in flocking and latex are available to ensure the rider’s weight is distributed evenly and that they are able to sit balanced in the saddle. Prestige’s attention to panel customization allows us to avoid creating pressure points that would cause discomfort for the horse.

Renaissance is the result of two excellent experiences: Prestige Italia’s and the one from one of the most famous French saddlers. This encounter offers an elite product to the most demanding horsemen and horsewomen. In line with French tradition, our tree is characterized by a very flat seat, enabling the rider to achieve closer contact with the horse. If you are a professional who loves tradition without wishing to compromise on the technology of an innovative tree, then Renaissance is the right product for you. A Renaissance saddle is essential and elegant, the perfect product for anyone looking to ride a horse in impeccably French tradition. Close contact with the horse and rider sensitivity are all that count when looking to create perfect harmony.

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